Forest In -project

Forest In -project - The service and resource needs of forest industry investments in East Lapland project

The goal of the project is to support participation of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the construction of the Boreal Bioreg biorefinery. This is accomplished using up-to-date and proactive information to anticipate changes in operating environment and demand during the construction of the refinery.

The project support enterprises in developing and timing their provided services during the construction phase in a manner that is appropriate in terms of quantity, quality and capacity. The coordination project ensures the availability of services for both private and public sector operators during the construction process.

The project supports the creation of new jobs and enterprises as well as the professional development of businesses in Kemijärvi, its neighbouring municipalities and the region at large.

On the basis of information on the need for services, collected by the project and in cooperation with Boreal Bioref, SMEs, public service providers and financiers can anticipate and perform needed investments, educational organisations can appropriately target their provided training, and municipalities gain access to competent employees, entrepreneurs and businesses to provide basic and other services.

The total budget of the project is EUR 328 378. The project is funded by the ERDF / Sustainable Growth and Jobs Structural Fund of the Association of Lapland 70% and the municipalities of Eastern Lapland 30%. The project is administered by the Local Federation of East Lapland, which consists of the municipalities of Kemijärvi, Pelkosenniemi, Posio, Salla ja Savukoski.

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