Forestin Eco-Industrial Park

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Formerly the Stora Enso pulp mill, located about 7 km from the center of Kemijärvi, in Patokangas. The pulp mill operated for 43 years, from 1965 to 2008. Kemijärvi thus has a strong industrial tradition. At present, the Finnish Transport Agency's wood terminal and Keitele Group Oy sawmill and glued wood are located in the area of ​​the former pulp mill. Keitele Timber Oy's Kemijärvi wood products factory and Keitele Wood Products Oy's glulam, processed and pellet mill operate in the Keitele Group. Finterpuu Oy, is responsible for the loading operations of the timber terminal. Peltoniemen Kone Oy is responsible for the maintenance of the timber terminal and sorting of Keitele logs, sawmill feeding, by-product loading and site maintenance. In addition, the area offers food services at Trypower.
Currently, 114 people are employed in the Patokangas area.

To the north of the area, a biorefinery is being prepared by Boreal Bioref Ltd. The Regional State Administrative Agency of Northern Finland granted environmental, water and start permits on 14 June 2019. Construction will begin once final investment decisions have been made. The biorefinery employs about 185 people. In addition, it is estimated that approximately 1,500 jobs will be created in the Lapland region in areas such as logging, logistics and service jobs.

Forest's Eco-Industry Park is located close to the center of Kemijärvi in ​​logistically convenient locations. In cooperation with the Lapland ELY Center, an 8 to 10-year development program has been planned for the Eastern Lapland road network, which will further improve the road network and logistics in the area. The area also has a renovated electrified line.

Industry focusing on the region creates opportunities for the development of different types of business.

In the longer term, the aim of the eco-industrial park area formed in the area is to utilize the main products, by-products and by-products from different stages of production in Kemijärvi as much as possible. The park's business idea is to serve as a platform for the production of biomaterials and energy; synergies and the circular economy, as well as new bio-generation opportunities, are the region's top / most important attraction factor.

The ecosystem of a bioproduct mill, for its part, enables the creation of a wide range of industrial business.

In addition to existing operators, the Forest Eco-Industrial Park will be home to BB's biorefinery and other businesses that will benefit from the region's industrial symbiosis and service needs. There will be well-planned and equipped plots for industrial activities on which the companies can locate.

If you are interested in establishing an area or would like to know more about the synergy benefits / material flows available in the area, please contact the project staff!

Project Manager Jari Polvi +358 40 734 4152
Project Secretary Maria Kiviniemi +358 44 236 5768